Sunday, January 16, 2005


First Post

If anyones looking this blog is here for me to comment on mainly music matters that relate to me and around Hawkes Bay where I live. It may be a rant or it might be a rave and it may generate comment from others. That's ok.

Anyway the first topic concerns the upcoming Blues, Brews and Barbcues event. Apart from unadventurous HB audiences and their love for blooze it must be noted that only one of the featured acts is a blues band and that one comes from out of town. The rest are popular pub cover bands, Karaoke psuedo soul or in the case of the headliner, a Joe Cocker tribute band. Surely we can do better. There must be musicians in HB who are blues based.

Good news though for Jakob who are off to Austin Texas for the SXSW music conference accompanied by Mr Chaplow as support. Great stuff.

Recommendation time: John and Laurie Stirratt-Arabele. The bass player for Wilco and his sister produce a folk/country gem that recalls Comes A Time era Neil Young. Hard to get but worth the effort.

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